Alison Einbender, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I am a licensed clinical psychologist. I have been practicing for thirty years. When I was in graduate school, I specialized in child psychology and the treatment of sexually abused children. Since then, I have worked with many individual adults, children, adolescents and families, dealing with a wide variety of issues over the years.

I have had the privilege of working with many courageous LGBT individuals. It has been an honor to have met so many incredible people on my journey and to have been let into their lives. It is gratifying to see people make changes. As we all know, there is an enormous amount of pain in living. I see my role as being a facilitator in helping people find their way out of difficult places. Together, we will explore anywhere you need to go. I view us as co-investigators examining your life together. We will explore new possibilities for old situations, allowing for new ways of being to emerge.

I have been an Affiliate Adjunct Clinical Faculty member of the Psychiatry Department of the University of Wisconsin Medical School for twenty five years. I supervise psychiatry residents who are in training to become psychiatrists. The guiding principles I use in doing supervision and psychotherapy are the same: there must be emotional safety, respect and honesty.

The therapy and supervision I do is informed by the lifelong meditation training I have pursued, my study of writing and the arts, and by my commitment to my own self- examination and growth.