Bridgette M White, LPC, ECEEN, IMH
Licensed Professional Counselor
Early Childhood Education and Exceptional Needs
Infant Mental Health

Bridgette is a licensed professional counselor specializing in infant mental health, trauma, and developmental disabilities.   Bridgette uses her rich life experience, combined with extensive background working with children, to provide her clients and their families hope and success.  Her goal is for children to connect with their caregivers and to support caregivers to better understand their children. 

She is passionate about working with children and their caregivers using Child Parent-Psychotherapy (CPP) as an intervention model for children ages 0-5, which facilitates children and caregivers to process past traumas or disruptions in attachment.  Bridgette also uses other evidenced based modalities such as Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (TFCBT) to treat children with trauma.  These modalities support her work in treating children and families dealing with issues related to depression, anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, attachment-related disorders, adjustment disorders, behavior problems and identity issues.  She also supports families dealing with separation issues, substance abuse issues, and other parenting concerns. 

It was important for Bridgette to maintain her Early Childhood Special Education teaching license so she can combine child development with her clinical work.  Bridgette specializes in working with children with autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, emotional behavioral disorder, communication delays, global delays and other genetic disorders.

Bridgette has always been drawn to supporting caregivers in connecting with their newborns.  She uses the Newborn Behavioral Observation (NBO), which is a clinical relationship-building tool, designed for professionals to help parents understand their baby’s language.   She believes that if babies and caregivers connect early, they will have stronger and more positive mental health.