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Becoming a New Patient at MPA

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  Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. You’ve decided to pursue therapy or medication management, and you’re considering seeing someone here at Madison Psychiatric Associates. We hope we can be of service to you. Here are a few things to consider as you begin your journey with us. If you need help immediately, or if […]

MPA Clinician Supports Food Security

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“We joined this coalition because it aligned with our belief that students should be hungry to learn, not hungry,” said Lea of the Food for Thought Initiative. “Research unequivocally demonstrates hunger impairs health, learning, behavior, and the ability to attend and focus.”

Why I Meditate

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Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels Why I Meditate Dr. Michael Sweetnam, PhD … And Why You Should, Too. I believe that meditation is an important element of health, along with good sleep and regular exercise. These are all things that you can do to improve your sense of wellbeing. There is a large body […]