MPA is committed to providing care to our patients and serve our community during this time. To accomplish this, we have implemented virtual visits for some appointments. Your provider or a staff member will be in touch before your appointment to confirm the visit. Virtual visits (also called “telehealth” or “telemedicine”) will take place via an online platform called

For a preview of the program, visit

MPA offering telehealthThe program allows patients and providers to video chat face to face during the time of an appointment. It requires only an internet connection (or cellphone data) and a computer or smartphone to operate. Nothing needs to be downloaded and you don’t need to create an account or password. It is not necessary to call the office at the time of your appointment unless you have questions.

Important: Telehealth is not covered by all insurance companies; however, it is by most. If you would like to know for certain whether or not your insurance will cover your telehealth appointment, we recommend you contact them directly.

our clinical staff that is available via telemedicine