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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your new patient process?

The following is a brief overview of our new patient process:

1.  Our new patient process begins by talking with our Intake Coordinator. They will gather your contact information, insurance information, and a brief overview of the reason you are seeking services. This information is used to ensure we can find a clinician best suited to meet your needs with availability in their schedule for new patients.

2.  Once the information is gathered, we work internally to do a benefit check on your insurance and check with the clinicians for availability. This process can take up to 3-5 business days.

3.  After hearing back from the clinicians, we will reach out to you to follow up to discuss scheduling options and review your insurance benefits. We always recommend that you also contact your insurance provider directly as they do not guarantee the information they provide to us.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient, you can contact our Intake Coordinator directly by calling 608-274-0355, option 2.

What kind of mental health professional should I see?

Mental health providers offer different services based on their licensure and specialties. Here are some general definitions for each provider type at our clinic:

Psychiatrists: These are medical doctors who specialize in mental health. While many provide some psychotherapy services in session, their main focus is finding and prescribing medications that best aid in your treatment.

APNPs: APNPs, or Advanced Practice Nurse Prescribers, are medical professionals who specialize in mental health. Many provide some psychotherapy services in session, but they are also able to find and prescribe medications that best aid in your treatment.

Psychologists: These professionals have PsyD’s or PhD’s in the field of psychology. Some psychologists provide therapy in session in order to help their patients. Other psychologists may specialize in psychological and/or neuropsychological testing in order to clarify a diagnosis or provide assessments for professional settings. Please see our psychologists’ individual pages for details on what services they offer.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers: These professionals have master’s degrees in social work that are trained in psychotherapy services. They work directly with their clients in therapy to help them manage different mental health issues.

Licensed Professional Counselors: These are professionals with master’s degrees in mental health counseling. Like some psychologists and LCSWs, these providers work with their clients in session to address their mental health concerns with psychotherapy and varying treatment modalities.

Will insurance cover my services at MPA?

Insurance coverage varies by plan and whether the provider is contracted with the insurance. While our billing staff is happy to assist you with any of your specific billing needs, your best resource to determine coverage will always be your insurance company. They have detailed information on which providers and services are covered in your area.

We always encourage you to check with your health plan before seeing a provider to ensure you have no surprise financial costs. If a service is not covered by your insurance or you prefer not to bill them, we do offer self-pay options.

Please contact our billing staff at 608-274-4273 for our current rates.

What are your accepted insurance providers?

Please note this list is subject to change:
The Alliance
WEA Trust
Physicians Plus
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Some of our providers are on additional panels, for the most up to date listing please contact our billing staff at 608-274-4273.

How do I request my medical records?

For any questions regarding your medical records or requesting your records, please contact our office at 608-274-0355.

We have two offices:

1. West. Located just off Whitney Way at Odana Rd near the Beltline at 5534 Medical Circle. The rear entrance is accessible.

2. East. Our new East office is located at 2702 International Lane, Suite 207. If you are headed toward the Madison airport, our building is on the left. Turn left immediately after the building to pull into the parking lot (parking is behind the building). There is an accessible ramp at the rear entrance.

If you’re not sure where your appointment is, please give us a call at 608-274-0355 and dial option 3 to speak with a receptionist.