Taylor Morrison, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Taylor is a licensed marriage and family therapist who primarily works with children and their families, as well as young adults. Taylor’s approach to working with clients is to provide an inviting and safe space for others to freely voice their needs and concerns without judgment or shame. 

Taylor’s work with children is multidimensional with the understanding that therapy does not always have to be sitting on a couch talking. Taylor incorporates elements of movement and play when applicable, encouraging learning through imagination, and growth through creative problem-solving activities. Taylor has a background in trauma sensitive therapy for children and adults, as well as a background in addressing attachment concerns with blended or transitioning families. Taylor has worked with a multitude of presenting concerns including those experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, disordered eating, life or family transitions, behavioral concerns, school-related difficulties, and more.

Taylor’s narrative approach to therapeutic treatment is based in systems theory, often utilizing CBT, solution-focused, and emotionally-focused techniques and concepts. 

Taylor will often meet with multiple members of a family to better understand an individual’s system and worldview to provide treatment that meets the client where they are, with compassion and understanding. Taylor offers parent support services in addition to child therapy to provide a collaborative approach to treatment when needed.